Monday, 2 February 2015

Google Adsense How to List Latest To Indonesia

In this blog post I will discuss about how to register Adsense for Indonesian people, which actually want to register Adsense Indonesia or international Adsense list is the same, except for China and India, there is a requirement in particular, hehe. But this time I will explain how to register Adsense is often successfully carried out by the Indonesian people.

The first thing you need to sign up for Adsense is an email account, I suggest that the email is from because Gmail is Google's email service email, so it will easily account when registering. If you do not have an email from please make first, easy ko! If you already have a Gmail account then go to the next stage.

The next step is setting up a website / blog that will be registered with Google Adsense. Blog should already contain unique content (original) and beneficial to others. If you do not have a blog, you can create a free blog (blogspot blog) on the site Create a blog that is quite pretty and fill it with your own content. Content can be articles with pictures, make a 10-15 first article by article length between 500-1000 words / article.

If the site / blog you are ready, the next step is to register Adsense by going to the official website ie last list (Sign Up), sign up using your gmail email then your blog entries and select the language in accordance with the language content. Then fill in the application form that appears with your personal data is correct and complete, follow the instructions that appear to finish.

If it is you have to wait between several hours or even up to a few days, Google will check your registration application if you meet the requirements of Google Adsense or not. If accepted Indonesian Adsense list, you will get an email notification from Google to your email that you have received the Google Adsense program and be able to enter / login to adsense account and are able to display Adsense ads on your blog.

However, if you are rejected, you will also receive an email containing that your AdSense application was not accepted. The reason it did not approve the list because they usually Adsense site that you submitted was not eligible, for example, because the content is inadequate (less more / less qualified), or sometimes also because the blog does not meet Google's webmaster guidelines policy (read in com / adsense / answer / 1348737? hl = en).

If your Adsense registration application is accepted, the next step is to log in to your AdSense account, then make good Adsense ads and post some Adsense code. But in case you are rejected, the next step to try is to improve your site's shortcomings. If it has been repaired register again (re-registration) to Google Adsense by going again (login) to site with your email, then (Re-Submit) Google Adsense registration application with the same blog.

If after trying many times the list of Google Adsense but you still rejected, you're out of luck. But do not worry there are other solutions that can make you received a list of Adsense, which is another way to use special tricks. You can find new tricks how to register Adsense Indonesia with Adsense ebook reading mentalist.

In the ebook you will be taught how to register Adsense latest trick so that you can be accepted Adsense within a few minutes (I have proved myself). Besides Google Adsense tricks taught in the ebook are also taught how to create a simple blog blogspot effectively generate a lot of dollars.

The strategy described in the ebook about elections among which Adsense ads that had a high CTR, the selection of colors and sizes Adsense CTR air high, I get a lot of traffic with ease, tricks create blog content quickly and easily, secret generates clicks great value to $ 7 / click, and much more.

Although the price of this ebook is very cheap, but it is very nice and profitable. One of the advantages of ebook Adsense mentalist is very detailed explanations and step by step accompanied by pictures / screenshots making it easier for readers who want to emulate the strategy. Another advantage of buying the ebook that you can more quickly get dollars from Adsense and immediately enjoy.

This ebook is a guide based on a real case study or "blueprint" written Adsense bedasarkan experience a blogger who has experienced many years of getting thousands of dollars per month from Google Adsense program. If other people can earn money from the internet, then you certainly can! (Provided you know the secret).

Do I myself have tried to apply the existing strategy in the ebook? The answer is YES!

I bought the ebook Adsense mentalist few months ago and I've learned it. At first I had difficulty in registering Adsense because it is quite difficult for people of Indonesia, especially the bit clueless as me. But the account after using tricks Adsense list contained in the ebook I finally could have Adsense account).

Although my Adsense income has yet to reach thousands of dollars, but I've been quite happy because my income has now reached an average of $ 30 / day or about $ 900 / month. My goal next month, reaching $ 1,000 / month and I am sure I can reach it from month to month because my Adsense earnings continue to rise despite sometimes up and down.

That way Adsense list I can share, if you are interested to learn the Adsense from the beginning to the end I suggest you learn through the ebook guide that has been proven. Do not be afraid to spend a little money for the sake of greater profits, because it will also return on investment many times over.

Good luck!